Social Chat on
Telegram Messenger

Empower your customers to be connected with you
anytime & all the time

Multimedia sharing

Let customers express freely!

This unique communication channel gives freedom to customer and brands to interact real time with each other in a way never done before. Simply share videos, images, location, PDF files, Docs to make your requirement and need more precise. This is bound to clear all ambiguities and create a better understanding between brand and their customers

Multi linguistic support

Communicate in a language you love!

This distinctive platform allows customers to communicate in whichever language they wish to – Global or Indian, thus breaking all boundaries. And even brands can reply in the same language providing a personalized and customized experience making their customers feel special

Instant Connect

Protonycs enables Telegram widget to be easily customized, configured and integrated with any website allowing customers to be connected with brands on the move. Furthermore, customers need not visit the brand website again to initiate a chat. They can carry on with the conversation on their Telegram app from where they had left the chat last time providing a seamless experience to customers

Sentiment Graph

Every chat conversation on Telegram will display a dynamic trend experience capturing the sentiment from the conversation start point till the end. This will be further aggregated into analytics and showcase sentiment trends on customers using Telegram app. The entire journey of a conversation plotted on customer’s emotional experience can viewed on a single graph.