Email Management Solution that's right
for your Business

A sophisticated, powerful yet easy to use solution
for handling inbound emails

Sentiments & Emotions

Know what your customer thinks!

Capture customer sentiments before they are buried down under. This unique engagement application automatically extracts sentiments on real time basis with a unique combination of statistical and linguistic modelling. Brands can engage better, identify issues and spot trends before they balloon into bigger concerns.

Channel Flipping

Value your customer’s time and provide convenience!

Protonycs solution gives customers the freedom to choose the channel of communication at their own ease. The platform allows customers to switch from email conversation to online chat by just clicking a link available on the email response, enabling a live conversation with the Brand on the move.

Predictive Learning

A powerful distributed learning mechanism with contextual analytics that makes decisions on your behalf. The platform trains itself based on inputs from industry, product details, agent tags and customer behaviour which forms Artificial Intelligence layer on the system, providing proactive resolution and critical insights to Brands without human interference.

Routing and Scanning

Protonycs provides Automated Email Routing with predefined work flows and business rules based on an organisations need. It captures detailed customer information with complete mail thread and interaction history,which can be easily integrated with Client’s CRM through platform’s customized APIs. The Solution has inbuilt feedback capturing mechanism thus helps organisation to understanding customer’s pulse and their need.